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Unisys Secure Private Cloud
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Unisys Secure Private Cloud

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Unisys Secure Private Cloud
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Business Challenges for the Enterprise

Businesses today are struggling to respond to market pressures e.g. meeting the need to deliver service anytime anywhere while having to do more with less. They may like the idea of external clouds but lack trust in them. Key customer concerns today with respect to the cloud computing solutions include:

  • Will switching to the cloud help me react faster to changing business needs?
  • How can I reap the financial benefits of cloud computing and still address my security and compliance requirements?
  • Will the cloud solution integrate with my existing infrastructure, applications and services?

Unisys Secure Private Cloud

The Unisys Secure Private Cloud is a pre-integrated, internal private cloud solution that enables you to transform your data center operations into an agile, efficient and highly automated infrastructure.

Unisys Secure Private Cloud delivers the same attributes as a public cloud except from within your data center, providing “just in time” resources that can be shared between user communities in a common infrastructure model but remain secure and isolated from each other. IT resources are converted into a flexible, metered, self-provisioned and internet/intranet-based delivery of service.

Our unique solution makes it easier for you to deploy, operate and use your private cloud, creating a more efficient IT environment thus delivering more agility back to your business.

  • Easy to Deploy – For easy deployment this pre-loaded ready-to-go solution allows full range of virtualization supporting both physical and virtual machines. Move your existing Microsoft Windows applications into the cloud without any alteration and impact on availability and reliability. Use your existing qualified assets or Unisys hardware to build out your cloud. The result: your movement to cloud is simpler and cost effective.
  • Easy to Operate – Extreme automation makes it easy for you to operate and manage. The included service catalogue reduces inconsistencies and lowers maintenance costs. We track and provide policy-based resource allocation thus helping in cost reduction. Our “single pane of glass” management interface provides secure role-based access to all cloud operations with detailed customization options to aid you in operating your cloud. The result: cloud management is simple yet powerful.
  • Easy to Use – From anywhere, at any time, users can select the configuration and length of time needed to address a specific IT resource requirement and move existing applications to the cloud without modification. Our intuitive graphical portal helps to manage your resources, requests, tenants and projects from one console leading to better user experience and increased speed of operation. Result: Increased productivity and reduced provisioning times.

Key Features of Secure Private Cloud:

Open Cloud Management
Leverage best of breed tools and facilitate easy integration with your existing environments and management processes. Unisys Secure Private Cloud’s open system framework supports a variety of platforms across hypervisors, servers, storage and networks thus supporting heterogeneous environments. Unisys cloud reference architectures also provide a well defined choice of leading industry hardware platform to select from and build out your cloud.

Secure Resource Governance
Ensure secure identity and access management through rights and privileges based on a predefined set of roles. With role-based access management each tenant’s resources may only be visible by that tenant’s users, and furthermore each tenant’s user roles may have privileges to a subset of resources within a tenant’s environment. Administrators can also group users into organizations that can represent a development team, business unit or division. Each organization can be provided with distinct and isolated virtual resources, specific policy controls and catalogs thus enabling secure resource governance.

Server On-Boarding and Virtualization
Reduce IT capital expenditures and operational costs, improve utilization through automated repurposing of servers without repeatedly reworking or manually reconfiguring the data center infrastructure. Automatically and reliably change which operating system images are running on each server, as well as change network configuration and storage access. Import existing VMs into the environment so they can be managed as part of the private cloud.

Portal Server with Automation and Orchestration
Improve administration, increase productivity and reduce operational expenses with automated provisioning, reducing the time to instantiate a server from days or weeks to minutes and with little or no manual intervention. Unisys Secure Private Cloud includes a browser-based, flexible, customizable, user friendly self-service portal and underlying automation that serves as the method for requesting and controlling platform provisioning services. This includes provisioning and control of virtual machines and physical servers.

Usage Metering
Address the challenge of cost allocations for physical servers, virtual machines, and applications by tracking and aggregating resource usage data. Our resource utilization dashboard provides you a snapshot view of CPU, memory, storage, and network utilization that business processes use. Secure Private Cloud can easily monitor usage for multiple user communities (tenants).

Resource Monitoring
Monitor your environment with your own tools, we support multiple environments including BMC and Nagios, or have Unisys do it through the Unisys Converged Remote Infrastructure Management Solution (c-RIM) which provides integrated remote monitoring and management capabilities across all segments of the IT infrastructure.

Multi-Tenancy Support
Implement a shared infrastructure model by enabling a secure multi-tenanted environment thus ensuring improved resource utilization. Unisys Secure Private Cloud includes the capabilities to host multiple business units (or clients) in the same infrastructure, manage it from a central location and ensure through the deployment of vLANs that tenants cannot see other tenants’ network traffic thus keeping data and environments for each tenant separate and safe from the next.

Advanced Application Services
Easily tie into existing infrastructure and software with greater ease and lower costs, improving basic platform functionality. These benefits are enabled through broad range of all the basic and necessary cloud functionalities provided by application services such as load balancing, performance management, preconfigured middleware services and high availability.

Appliance Options and Cloud Architectures
Simplify installation into your environment with a preinstalled Unisys Secure Private Cloud appliance. Choose the appliance that best meets your current needs and upgrade as you evolve:

  • Starter edition – supports up to 50 virtual machines for initial pilot projects or small clouds
  • Standard edition – supports up to 3000 virtual machines in production environments
  • HA Edition – Provides redundancy to protect against service outage

Build out your cloud with confidence; leverage Unisys cloud reference architectures and Unisys hardware or we can integrate your qualified existing assets to ensure satisfaction

Key Benefits of Unisys Secure Private Cloud

  • Simplify your cloud journey through our holistic CloudBuild Services to plan and design your cloud
  • Increase your administrator’s and developer’s productivity
  • Secure your cloud with the best multi-tenant security solution in the Industry
  • Reduce your capital expenses through resource consolidation and virtualization and operational expenses through extreme automation, improved resource utilization and our best practices



Hypervisor: VMware vSphere 4.1, Microsoft Hyper-V Support Yes!
Microsoft Windows guest support
Windows Server 2003 Yes!
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 Yes!
Linux guest support
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Yes!
SuSe Linux 10 Yes!
Compatible with optional Unisys uAdapt 3.3.1 or higher Yes!
Compatible with optional provisioning and patch management software Yes!
Compatible with optional monitoring software
BMC Atrium Yes!
BMC Remedy Yes!
Nagios Yes!
Unisys c-RIM Yes!
Number of VMs supported with one instance of Secure Private Cloud 3000
Multi-tenancy Support
Isolated network environments per customer account Yes!
VLAN support with overlapping IP addresses Yes!
Overlapping Name Spaces Yes!
Multi-tenant networking using physical/hardware router/firewalls Yes!
Virtual Provisioning
Automated provisioning of virtual machines Yes!
Customer specified IP addresses Yes!
Customer Provided Fixed/Static IP Address to be assigned at Provision Time Yes!
Customer control over VM names Yes!
Load Balancing across VMs (implementation-specific) Yes!
Starter edition – supports up to 50 virtual machines for initial pilot projects or small clouds Yes!
Standard edition – supports up to 3000 virtual machines in production environments Yes!
HA Edition – Provides redundancy to protect against service outage Yes!


PDF File
Download the Unisys Secure Private Cloud 2.1 Brochure (PDF).

Unisys Product
Unisys Secure Private Cloud
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