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Unisys Introduces FamilyNow™, an Advanced Solution for Social Services Agencies to Better Protect Children and Address Families in Need
Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:33:21 AM


Solution capabilities such as mobile applications and advanced data analytics give workers fast and easy access to the tools they need to prevent tragedy

RESTON, Va., June 7, 2017 – Unisys C?orporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced the global availability of FamilyNow™, a comprehensive, next-generation, case management software solution that helps government social services agencies protect children at risk. With FamilyNow, social services agencies can apply new technologies to manage caseloads and identify the right services to address each family's situation.

FamilyNow features modules for solving the problems of families in need – intake, investigation, case management, eligibility, financial management, provider management and administration – to make it easier for case workers to take action and improve outcomes. FamilyNow was built for child and adult protective services and also can be used to support community mental health and juvenile justice programs.

"In recent years, the needs of children and seniors have grown in complexity and scale, while budget constraints have made it difficult for social services workers to address those needs," said Mark Forman, global head of Public Sector at Unisys. "FamilyNow gives workers the automation and modern tools they need to manage large caseloads and improve decision-making and effectively collaborate, resulting in faster and better resolution of crisis situations and prevention of tragedies."

FamilyNow is now available globally. It includes secure mobile applications, which are easy to use across multiple devices, enabling workers to capture, submit and analyze the critical data they need to do their jobs from anywhere and at any time. The solution also provides features to address dangerous situations, such as a panic button and geo-locator that can alert authorities if the safety of a field worker is threatened.

In addition, FamilyNow features advanced analytics and modeling to provide fact-based recommendations on a case-by-case basis to help workers make informed and expedited decisions. Configurable dashboards and analytics also provide key information for employees at all levels of the agency to continuously improve outcomes. The solution's cloud-based, service-oriented architecture makes it easy for clients to adapt as social needs change or government policies and industry practices evolve.

"There still are too many stories of children or others who suffer because of systems failures, lack of collaboration, or other preventable situations. With FamilyNow, social services organizations will be able to modernize quickly without the failures and cost overruns of the rip-and-replace mega application approach. The result is that children and seniors can be better protected from danger," said Forman.

For more information on Unisys FamilyNow, go to: http://www.unisys.com/familynow.

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