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?Unisys Stealth™ Secures ANGKASA's Self-Service Kiosks
Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:27:16 AM

BLUE BELL, Pa., April 19, 2016 – Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia (ANGKASA), the apex body of the Malaysian co-operative movement, has implemented the Unisys Stealth™ solution to secure personal information and account details accessed via its 26 self-service kiosks across Malaysia.

ANGKASA is the organization recognized by the Malaysian government to represent approximately 12,596 co-operatives nationally. A co-operative is a social enterprise, organization or business entity that is owned and managed by its members. One of ANGKASA's core services is to facilitate salary deductions for co-operatives, banks, insurance providers, unit trusts, trade unions and community societies integrated with government departments, government linked companies (GLC) and publically listed companies. The ANGKASA salary deduction service is a centralized billing and payment gateway between employers and non-bank financial institutions that provides automated payment of monthly subscriptions, loan installments, insurance premiums, and other dues via systematic payroll deductions.

Unisys provided the award-winning1 Unisys Stealth(core) software and related implementation and support services to help ANGKASA secure communication between the self-service kiosks and its data center from hackers or other unauthorized access, protect critical IT assets and secure sensitive customer data.

The kiosks are located at selected government agencies, ANGKASA branches and Bank Rakyat branches. They are used by co-operative members to check their salary deduction information and loan balance details. Individuals access their information via the kiosk using their Malaysia MyKAD national ID card to verify their identity. Stealth creates a secure communication channel between the kiosks and the servers in ANGKASA's data center.

Mohd Sofian Osman, ANGKASA CIO, said, "ANGKASA members rely on the kiosks to be able to access their loan information at a time that suits them from a wide range of locations across Malaysia. With Unisys Stealth technology they will have the confidence that their transactions are secured."

Unisys Stealth uses identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption that help organizations mitigate cyber-attacks from outside or within the organization by rendering devices, data and end users undetectable on networks. The solution establishes secure "micro-segments" within an enterprise where only authorized users can access information. Unauthorized users cannot access Stealth-protected endpoints – or even see that they exist. Even if the network is compromised elsewhere, Stealth contains the intrusion to a single segment of the network, with no access to move laterally to other parts of the enterprise.

Tony Windever, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Solutions, Unisys Asia Pacific said, "Unisys Security Insights research2 found that one in three Malaysians expect personal information held by their financial institutions will be accessed by an unauthorized person within a year, so being seen to secure the kiosk channels is a key way for ANGKASA to build trust among its members. And Unisys Stealth's combination of encryption and micro-segmentation is the best way to provide such protection."

ANGKASA has also relied on the secure and flexible Unisys ClearPath technology to develop and run its core payroll deduction application since 1996.

Unisys works with financial services clients across the globe to confidently transform the customer experience, leverage data analytics, fight financial crime and defend against cybercrime. Unisys serves more than half of the world's top 25 banks, and more than 450 financial institutions worldwide use Unisys core banking solutions. And more than five million Internet banking customers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are protected from banking fraud by Unisys.

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