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Latest Release of Unisys ClearPath MCP Software Gives Clients New Options for Modernizing Their Applications and Data Centers
Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 03:04:32 PM


?Innovations and enhanced features expand openness, mobility and security for mission-critical application environments

BLUE BELL, Pa., April 29, 2015 Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced Release 17.0 of the ClearPath MCP operating environment for the company's ClearPath Libra and other MCP systems.

The release includes new products and enhanced features that enable clients to modernize mission-critical application environments, enhance security and streamline operations in their data centers to address emerging business challenges.

A key innovation in MCP Release 17.0 is the Connectivity Service product for MCP systems based on the ClearPath fabric - a software-based architecture that uses high-speed interconnect technology to link all computing resources and components. Connectivity Service enables MCP applications to exchange information across the fabric over a high-speed InfiniBand link with applications residing in Microsoft Windows environments.

The MCP Connectivity Services capability enables organizations to increase the extent and speed of interoperability between existing and new-generation applications.

"MCP Release 17.0 is the latest proof of Unisys' commitment to provide our ClearPath clients with the openness, flexibility and cost-efficiency to build on their long-term investments in mission-critical software while keeping pace with their organizations' continually evolving business requirements," said Rob Cashman, vice president, Mission-Critical Servers and Solutions, Unisys.

ClearPath MCP Release 17.0 is an integrated, fully tested stack of more than 125 software products, with many feature updates resulting from direct suggestions by the MCP user community.

More Ways to Modernize Applications

In addition to the Connectivity Services product, MCP Release 17.0 provides enhancements to the Relational Database Server for ClearPath MCP that enable creation of more open, interoperable and operationally streamlined application environments. Those enhancements include an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver that enables Windows and Linux applications to access relational databases, along with a stored-procedure capability that enables users to store business logic in the database so that it can be shared by several applications.

The relational product complements the Unisys DMSII Enterprise Database Server, which accommodates a variety of data models, including hierarchical, network, flat and relational.

The new edition of MCP also includes Release 6.1 of ClearPath ePortal for MCP, which allows developers to web-enable ClearPath applications and integrate enterprise and mobile applications by creating contemporary user interfaces on Apple iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Windows Phones and BlackBerrys.

Enhanced Security for Mission-Critical Environments

MCP Release 17.0 makes it easier to manage the encryption keys required for users' access to business-critical information. An enhancement to the MCP Security Center provides a Secure Shell (SSH) Keyscan function that simplifies gathering public keys from multiple SSH hosts. This new MCP capability is similar to the Linux Keyscan function and reinforces system security while streamlining operations.

Release 17.0 also incorporates enhancements to products from Locum Software Services Ltd that are integrated into the MCP stack, with Locum RealTime Monitor now providing advanced filtering for alerts to system managers about potential security events. For example, the monitoring software can be placed on higher alert for patterns of activity such as multiple file access attempts by unauthorized parties than for random instances of logins with incorrect passwords.

Streamlined Data-Center Operations for Better Business Continuity

The new MCP release includes features designed to increase availability of mission-critical applications while reducing the need for MCP-specific skills and lowering data-center costs. A new edition of Business Continuity Accelerator (BCA) automates detection of disk encryption keys and synchronization of keys across host systems, making it easier to recover from a failure without administrator intervention. BCA now also automates management of Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) software for recovery in EMC storage environments.

An enhancement to Unisys Operations Sentinel which provides automated, single-point management of heterogeneous systems enables administrators to install Windows, Linux and Unix agent software on multiple systems in one step. This new capability further simplifies unified management of the diverse systems that must be integrated into a modern mission-critical data center.

In addition, the dbaTOOLS products from Stewart DataTech, Ltd. include new capabilities that automate removal of wasted space in online databases, aiming to improve database performance and availability.

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